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Boya's achievements today stem from the fact that we have a group of talented, creative, and outstanding employees who can selflessly contribute to the company. This is the foundation of success.

On the road leading the future of the world's chemical industry, Boya looks forward to like-minded you, face challenges together, and use our professionalism and focus to bring unlimited wonderful lives to users around the world!


Recruitment target:

Boya Company releases job information from time to time according to business needs. Elites from all walks of life are welcome to pay attention in time. 

Usually faced with professionals with relevant work experience, a few positions are also considered fresh graduates, please read the job details carefully when applying for a position.


E-commerce operation manager  0.8-10,000/month

1. Selling products through online channels involves the planning, construction, promotion and operation of e-commerce platforms, including official websites, official accounts, and Tmall platforms;

2. Formulate a reasonable e-commerce operation plan according to the company plan;

3. The construction, daily maintenance and update of the company's brand website and online mall and other platform websites;

4. Responsible for the training, assessment and management of e-commerce department personnel;

5. Responsible for the process design, implementation and optimization of the e-commerce department, and undertake the construction and management functions of the e-commerce service team;

6. Responsible for the brand promotion and marketing planning of e-commerce websites, including network promotion, industry media cooperation, professional market promotion, etc.;

7. Website marketing data analysis, including customer demand analysis, usage habit analysis, promotion effect evaluation, etc.;

8. Integrate the company's relevant department resources to promote the line sales, order management and customer service of the e-commerce platform;

9. Create a good corporate image and brand awareness on the Internet.

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